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Professional Artists of ST. Augustine

Melissa Bashore
Laura Boilini boilinill@outlook.com
Rosanne Colvard rcthief1313@gmail.com
Michelle Davidson www.psychiccleansings.com
Helen Johnson
Maria Rosa Johnson
Carolyn Kelso
Babz Lupoli
Nicki Payne
Rafael Pasarell
John Roppolo
Julie Smith
Susan Strong
Marlene Zullig

Aviles Gallery www.avilesgallery.net

John Gamache
Gina Torkos
Hookey Hamilton
Ryan Flannery
Bryon Capo
Joe Bagnal
KC Cali
Robert Leedy
Chris Crosby Designs www.chriscrosbydesigns.com

Dan Holiday Leather

Dan Holiday
Georgia Nick Gallery


Roger Bansemer
Joe Taylor
Andriana Cabezas
Charlie Caruba
MG Ferguson
Rick McAllister
Georgia Nick
Rick Peterson
Bob Stoker
Tim Kings
Jan Cain
Tripp Harrison
Matt Sweeny
Linda Brandt
Bill Puckett

Bouvier Maps and Prints

Dennis Conkey knifemaker
Elizabeth Spencer Artist
Kevin Hoffman knifemaker

Candidas closet


Candy Jewelry designer
studios upstairs

Worley FavorPottery
John Gates

We have 50 artists in this building and the presence of many artists before us.

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11 Aviles Street Artists and Craftsmen Guild

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