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11 Aviles Street Artists and Craftsmen Guild
11 Aviles Street

Dan Holiday painted by Joe Taylor


At the corner of Artillery Lane at 11 Aviles Street on the oldest street in the nation is the Hamblen- Holiday Building. This building is on the Historic Registry and actually 2 warehouse buildings joined together and built by Hamblen Hardware, one in 1864 and one around 1885.The insurance map of 1885 only includes one of the buildings (marked 32) that now houses the 11 Aviles Street Arts and Craftsmen Guild, which includes mostly art galleries on Aviles Street and Charlotte Street and artists' studios on the second and third floors. Dan Holiday purchased the building in the early 80's.  It is currently being renovated and leased to 11avilesstreetllc.

Come discover the 11 Aviles Street Artists and Craftsmen Guild. We are Located in the Hamblen- Holiday House at 11 Aviles Street, on the oldest street in the Nation and we are open for business.  This building  has been at the epicenter of the Saint Augustine, Florida artist community since the 1930's when the building transitioned from a warehouse for Hamblen- Hardware to studios and gallery spaces for nationally known artists wintering in St. Augustine. Currently this picturesque old building shelters over 50 artisans in the Galleries downstairs on Aviles and Charlotte Streets and in the artist loft studios on the 2nd and 3rd floors.                               READ MORE

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11 Aviles, featuring over 50 artists and craftsmen in St. Augustine, Florida.